Does my project have to be made with a Raspberry PI?

Yes. Your project does have to use a Raspberry Pi, however, you are not limited to just the Pi. You can use any sensor or any other device (e.g. Arduino) along with it.

Does my project have to use initial state?

Yes. Your project does have to use Initial State, however, you are not limited to just Initial State. You can use other services like IFTTT or other platforms to complete your project. Initial State is a great way to show off any data that your project generates.

Where can i learn how to use initial state?

You can go to the inspiration tab on piot.io to see how other people have built projects using the Pi and Initial State.

Do I have to be on a paid tier of Initial State to enter or win?

No. The tier of service that you utilize for Initial State (free, standard, pro, enterprise) will play no part in the judging criteria that will be used to select a winner. Initial State's free tier provides ample functionality for most projects. 

Does my project have to be complete to submit it?

No, however the more complete your project is, the better your submission will be. There needs to be enough evidence to prove that the project will actually function before it will be considered.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of unique projects that you can submit. However, submitting the same project multiple times will only annoy us.

Can I submit a project that I built long ago?

Yes. As long as it meets the submission criteria, you are free to submit your project regardless of how long ago you created it. 

I am a terrible writer. If I win, do I have to write the entire MagPi tutorial?

No. We will assign a content writer to help you author the tutorial that will be published.

I am under the age of 18. Can I still submit a project?

You will need to submit your project under your parent or legal guardian's name per our contest rules

If I win, what issue of MagPi will my tutorial be featured?

This will be decided by the MagPi editorial team and based on their content schedule.

Additional qUestions?

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