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The Internet of Things is predicted by Cisco to blossom into a multi-trillion dollar opportunity. Gartner Research believes that 50% of this opportunity will be realized by Makers and young startup companies. Raspberry Pi has quickly become the device of choice for millions of Makers around the world due to its ease-of-use, features, and cost. This workshop will take you from Novice to IoT Maker in two hours.

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Our free, step-by-step course will teach you the basics of using a Raspberry Pi and how to use a Pi to create an Internet of Things application.

Workshop Manualhttps://github.com/InitialState/piot-101/wiki

Workshop Code Repohttps://github.com/InitialState/piot-101

In this workshop, you will:

  • learn the fundamentals of using a Raspberry Pi (booting up your Pi, using the Linux command prompt, remotely logging into your Pi, etc.)
  • wire up simple circuits using a breadboard (no previous experience required)
  • write and run simple Python scripts that will run on a Pi (no previous experience required)
  • build multiple live Internet of Things projects that stream data to a cloud service